Penefit: Cardless Membership for Customer Loyalty Rewarding | WonderDeals Kota Damansara
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How to get FREE Komugi pastry?

Penefit Komugi Free donuts and mcaroon mini baum limited time and stock

Redemption start on 11 – 13 March 2016
Sunway Giza Mall & One Utama Shopping Mall.

Step 1

Download & Launch Penefit App

download penefit

Step 2

Sign Up & Login

Click “Join Us” and fill up simple form or login with Facebook account

Step 3

Scan WonderDeals QR Code

Scan to join WonderDeals KD to get vouchers

Step 1

Click Download Below

or click here

Step 2

Install or Launch Penefit App

Click “NO, not yet” to INSTALL penefit app.

Step 3

Sign Up with Penefit

Use Facebook login to register or fill up the form.

Step 4

Grab Vouchers

Tap “Vouchers” -> “Offering” Tab -> Look for Komugi Vouchers -> Tap “Take

Step 5

Get Taken Vouchers

Tap “Taken” tab -> Tap on the voucher -> Tap “Redeem”. Tap “Scan Merchant’s QR Code” -> Scan merchant QR code.

WonderDeals Kota Damansara

WonderDeal Kota Damansara Vouchers App

Get free offering vouchers around Kota Damansara in WonderDeals.

To get vouchers, follow as below:

  1. Register – Visit the this URL or scan the above QR code (or tap QR)  to register an Penefit account.
  2. Download – Site will redirect to AppStore / Google Play to download “Penefit” App.
  3. Login – Login with  your registered username and password in Step 1.
  4. Vouchers Icon – Tap “Vouchers” icon to see all vouchers and T&C.

To get vouchers, follow as below:

App Store Download Badget
Apple App Store Download Penefit
Google Play Penefit App
Google Play Download Penefit
  • Download – Download Penefit App from AppStore / Google Play 
  • Register – Tap “Join Us” to register a Penefit account. Can register via “Facebook” / “SMS” / or fill up form.

Use Penefit Scanner to scan the below QR code.

  • Scanner – Tap “Scanner” to scan the “Join WonderDeals” QR code.
  • Vouchers – Tap “Vouchers” icon to see all vouchers and T&C.

Offer Type


vouchers around Kota Damansara


RM worth of freebies