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Standalone loyalty software, or a cloud benefit reward solution

Standalone loyalty software

Standalone benefit rewarding software work well with one geographical location one branch. Merchant will face a problem when need to expand to 2 or more branches.


Normally two or more standalone loyalty solution is not design to be inter-cooperate with each other and customer data are fragmented and repeated. Low user satisfaction toward the brand. Expensive to start, expensive to switch new system and expensive to maintain.


Cloud Benefit Rewarding Platform

Penefit is a cloud based benefit rewards system, it gives you to focus your attention in your own business rather than managing the software system. Dramatically reduce your infrastructure cost, maintenance cost and other setup related overhead.



Penefit support multiple chain store for company has multiple branches across multiple locations. User interface is friendly, easy to learn, it’s the same user experience in every chain/store, give you more flexible to relocate your human resource in different location. In addition, Penefit is user friend with mobile device, it gives you extra mobility and it is always up-to-date benefit rewards system.

I want to start benefit rewards on Penefit