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A Mobile Way to Reward Loyal Customers


A Mobile Way to Reward Loyal Customers

For many businesses, achieving customer loyalty is one of their most common goals. As experts in management would suggest, it is cheaper and more profitable to retain current customers than acquire new ones. With such, there is no wonder why different companies execute a variety of loyalty marketing strategies in order to reward their patrons who keep on coming back. Commonly, this is in the form of a membership card, which gives customers an access to a wide array of benefits. Nonetheless, in this modern time, traditional approaches are being less favorable, and hence, there is a great demand for better options in rewarding loyalty. In such case, Penefit is here to help your company in ways more than one.


Drawbacks of Conventional Loyalty Software And PVC Membership Cards

In the past, a lot of companies have used conventional customer relationship management software or a standalone app in managing customer loyalty. This can be costly, especially if there are multiple brands that are being managed. This also leads into lack of efficiency as the strategies are not integrated. The use of plastic or PVC membership card is also a common part of the strategy. This can be expensive, especially if you are rewarding thousands of loyal patrons. Sometimes, it also leads into the difficulty of identifying the authenticity of the membership cards. In today’s modern time, to remain competitive, businesses must embrace change and must be willing to tap new innovations in customer relationship management that will have a great impact in their loyalty marketing.


The Birth of Mobile Technology

Rather than using a traditional membership card that comes in a physical form, the trend is to make use of mobile technology, such as in the form of a mobile reward card app. The latter comes with an abundance of benefits, including the fact that it is eco-friendly. It offers cardless membership that will allow you to let go of the use of plastic or paper cards. In addition, it is also cost efficient, and it can give your company an edge above competition. This will allow loyal customers to easily browse promos and rewards in an instant through their mobile phones.


Penefit Offers the Perfect Solution

If you are willing to step up above conventional loyalty marketing strategies, Penefit can help you do so. In a nutshell, it is going to provide you with a mobile app that can help in managing loyal customers and will make it easy for them to gain access to loyalty rewards. For customers, this app is also beneficial because it will allow them to manage their virtual cards all in one place, which means that they no longer have to fill their wallets with too many cards. Indeed, it is a revolution in rewarding customer loyalty.


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    Of course, according to analyst firm Gartner Inc, smart phones, tablets and mobile apps are forcing change in the world of CRM even faster than social media. Having a CRM app can do more.

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