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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Penefit?

Penefit is a cloud-based customer loyalty management (CLM) and relationship management (CRM) software solution for comprehensive management of loyalty programs, customer relations and support for marketing activities.

With Penefit Software, you can create and execute unique customer engagement programs, effectively manage memberships and rewards, interact with customers across multiple channels and track program performance.

How does Penefit work?

Penefit offer customer loyalty management as a service and leveraging on cloud hosting. No physical server is required hence can save to hiring a team of IT experts to manage the infrastructure, just plug and play to start your loyalty program.

What are some of the key features?

Penefit offers neccessary tools such as online storage, email , SMS and mobile communication module, web office and innovative marketing modules that needed in order to build a successful loyalty program. It is build for both individuals and business customers. To maintain high levels of customer satisfaction, program participants can easily be engaged through personalized contextual offers and promotion actions.

Can I define my own loyalty program or Penefit has it own loyalty program that I must follow? Is Penefit a Coalition Loyalty or Loyalty Program Owners?

Penefit is a technology-based company provides software to brand owner for their customer’s loyalty program. Hence, you can freely define your own customer loyalty program for your member. We call this a private loyalty program. However, Penefit does support “shared” loyalty program (or a.k.a coalition or alliances) between few brands. Eg: Beauty wellness business alliance with cake store and glossary store.

Coalition Loyalty program usually had pre-set customers reward scheme, and all merchants within must follow the rules, however customer’s data or insight might not shared among merchants.
*Coalition loyalty (Eg, Bonuslink[My], BCard[My] )

Do I still need to print Member Card or Visit Stamp Card?

It depend your decision to print card or not to print. Penefit is designed for both card and cardless operation. Type of cards available: QR Code Card / Mifare Card / Virtual Card.

I have configured my own Reward Point Program and awarded to members, whom products shall be redeem by my customers?

Redemption products or vouchers is decide by you own company; it might be your own company products or merchandise items. Or it could be any products or discount / rebate that attract your customers.

What is the difference between Retention, Conversion and Expansion plan?

It depends on the feature to launch the loyalty program. Retention comes with basic features to kick start a loyalty program. Moreover, Expansion plan include most features offer in Penefit, including features in Retention and Conversion plan

Currently, I have 1,000 existing customers’ point in my reward point program. How to transfer the existing balance to Penefit?

If reward point balance and customers’ data can be export to Excel or CSV format, Penefit can assist you to do first time import into your Penefit account. Select the one of the field that you use to identify your member (Eg: mobile number, physical card number, Identity Card etc) to lookup your member profile.

What is the payment term like?

Penefit subscription model is annual basis.

Can I try Penefit before commmited to annual subscription ?

Yes. Free trial is available. It subject for approval. Do contact sales [at] penefit.com for trial account.

Can I get back my customers data if I terminate the service?

Yes, please inform team [at] penefit.com and Penefit will assist you on exporting your account data

Can I upgrade the plan?

Yes. You can, please contact sales [at] penefit.com for upgrade.


Do I need any extra device?

If you are running without integration with existing POS system, yes, you need a smart device. Phone or tablet. iOS or Android.

What is the member registration process?

3 ways.
1) Member download app and initiate transaction with merchant.
2) Member register via merchant’s tablet.
3) Member register via URL Link.

Where can I access to my customer’s data?

You can access all data via backend office.

Can I integrate Penefit with my Point of Sales (POS) system?

Yes. Penefit integration API is ready for P.O.S vendor to perform the system integration. Kindly contact us (team [at] penefit.com ) to know more about system integration.

Can Penefit operate with out smart phone?

Yes, you can use it with/without smartphone, with/without physical card.

Can I set restriction on what my staff can/cannot access?

Yes, access control is configurable for each staff account.

Am I able to see transaction history?

Yes. All transactions are saved. Reports will show outlets performance on reward and redeem over the period you select either by daily, monthly, or yearly.
Transactions history can also be automatically export to Google Drive for data backup purpose.