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Membership Loyalty Reward Program App

In competitive business environment, customer retention is a essential strategy for brand owner to keep member enlighten. To develop an effective Membership Loyalty Program can be costly for small and medium company. Reward card system is a legacy system. The new approach now is to run digital customer loyalty and rewarding system thru cloud and mobile application. Check out Penefit.

Appify Your Own Customer Loyalty Program

Loyalty Program Types

Reward Point

Digital Membership

Redemption Catalog

Cash Back

Multi-Tier Membership

Spending Stamp

Visit Stamp

Push Reward To All

Scan QR Code Reward

Product Level Reward

Survey Reward

Prepaid Reload


Birthday Voucher

Cash Back Voucher

Offering Voucher

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Loyalty Program Scenario #1


A Bronze Member accumulated 1000 pts or more and eligible to upgrade to Silver Member. Penefit allow you to do so:


  • Automated upgrade the member from Bronze Card to Silver Card
  • Silver Member can earn extra 50% points in the future. (Eg: from $1 -> 1pts to $1 -> 1.5 pts)
  • Gives extra one time bonus , 200 pts.
  • Giveaway 4 different type of vouchers, each voucher has own effective date and expiry date. (Eg: effective next day onward, and expire in 1 month)

Loyalty Program Scenario #2


A reward program like a game, comes with levels. When goal is achieved on each level, unlock a reward. Take for example, 4 level of goals, can be something like this:


  • Level 1: Accumulated 1000 pts to unlock a “Ice Lemon Tea” Voucher. Burn 300 pts.
  • Level 2: Accumulated 3 visits to unlock additional 500 points.
  • Level 3: Accumulated 2000 pts to unlock a “Ice Cream” Voucher + 300 pts.
  • Level 4: Accumulated 3000 pts to unlock a “Free Dinner” voucher and burn 3000 pts.
  • All level achieved, can replay or stop here.

Loyalty Program Scenario #3


A beauty saloon service packages. Buy package X with $ 1000 get $1300 value for facial treatment. Penefit Prepaid TopUp can achieve:


  • Set multiple-tier of prepaid reward.
    1. $100 get $100
    2. $200 get $220
    3. $500 get $580
    4. $1000 get $1300
  • Top up amount can further earn reward point. (Eg: $100 -> 100 pts)

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