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Penefit Loyalty Trend

Loyalty Reward Trend – What is Interesting in 2015?

Each year, more physical and online brands vie for consumers’ money. That’s why customer loyalty has become a vital part of a business’ long term strategy. Earning one’s sale will not be enough to achieve success in the long run. With so many brands trying to capture the attention of consumers, it is important for a business to know the current loyalty trend. That way the business will be able to provide the right customer experience that will make one loyal to the brand.

Brands that are able to provide fun and fulfilling experiences often get the most loyal customers. They do this through outstanding sales platforms, as well as add-ons such as loyalty programs to attract repeat customers. These repeat customers would in turn bring in new ones by talking about the brand. This type of brand engagement will ensure that your business will be able to obtain the right loyalty among consumers. Below are some of the methods to reach out to customers in 2015.


Loyalty Rewards for Actions


More often than not, loyalty programs depend on the strength of gamification. Businesses that reward customers who are loyal can send the right signals that will help capture other customers. Businesses want to target customers who are less likely to engage in repeat business through loyalty programs. Customers will be excited about the idea of seeing their points accumulate that they can exchange for rewards.

In the past, businesses only provide rewards for purchases. But at present, loyalty programs are becoming more universal in such a way that they also reward actions and choices made by consumers. Some examples include checking in with the use of social media or donating to charity. Customers find these activities more fun and help improve your brand engagement.


24/7 Brand Engagement


Another loyalty trend in 2014 is businesses going beyond the typical sales boundaries. Branding has become more about concepts and ideas than just products. Businesses engage their customers 24/7 through social media. And as people shift towards mobile devices, mobile loyalty reward programs are becoming the norm.

Brand engagement is now done through content or a personal interaction that leads to relationships beyond the checkout counter. Brands now have access to several channels that they can use to deliver a cohesive brand message. There are companies, such as Penefit that provide loyalty solution in mobile platform. They allow businesses to engage with their target market through mobile devices.


Emotional Loyalty


A lot of loyalty programs are designed to provide logic-based value to consumers. Businesses reward consumers who make purchases. But recent research has shown that customer loyalty can be more earned more by targeting the emotions of the consumers.

By providing an intangible emotion with one’s services, businesses can enjoy more repeat business. Marketing analysis and customer data can be used to determine which emotional appeals get the best reaction from one’s customers. That way you will be able to improve your brand engagement among the target market.

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