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Convert Loyalty Card

move loyalty into mobile phone

As a consumer, must be a few brands that is doing very well and keep you loyal to them. How they identify you is a loyal customer around the globe? Convention way is the brand give you a loyalty card. Without it, you are just a strength new customer without any privilege.

What if you forget to bring along the loyalty card with you? A local brand with a long working staff with a brand may be can identify you visually. How about a international company that exist around the world?

Conventional loyalty cards sooner or later will become a history. Keep your rewards and benefits in a high mobility and manageable platform.

Penefit not only virtualize your identify to a brand, but a ease and convenience platform for penefitor to view, track and collect all rewards given by a loyal brand. This reward is real time, instantly updated and viewable by you. In addition, offer to loyal customer like you will not want to miss any offer given by the brand owner.

More importantly you help the globe to reduce plastic and carbon foot print.

No more reasons for you to keep so many bulky cards in your wallet or a key ring. Convert it now to Penefit.