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Affiliate Programs & Referral Marketing for Retailer

One of the Penefit powerful program is called Affiliate Marketing Programs (a.k.a Referral Program). This feature help brand owner to manage referral program in a offline business.

The Customer Referral Reward Program comes with two variation.

Recruit Referral Reward

Recruit Referral Reward

A member X refer prospect Y to become your company member. The reward scheme can be configure in such away:

  • Only X earn one time reward
  • Only Y earn one time reward
  • Both X and Y earn one time reward

Recurring Referral Reward

Recurring Referral Reward

X referred Y as member. Every time Y spend, X get reward.

It can be configured in such a way:

  • X has minimum spending amount per month to entitle reward from Y1, Y2, Y3 … Yn spending monthly.
  • X only can enjoy recurring reward on a minimum spending amount per transaction that Y spend.
    (Eg: minimum spending amount of Y has to more than $20, then this transaction is valid to take into account for recurring reward)
  • X only can enjoy recurring reward from Y only when Y total spending per month exceed a defined value.
    (Eg: if the value is defined as $300, X only can enjoy recurring reward when Y accumulated spending per month $300 or above)

Benefits of Referral Program Software

Penefit make it easy for your members to refer friends and stay engaged, while automating the referral rewarding for your business.

Unique Member Code and URL Link

Each member has unique code with URL link to track the relationship between referral and referee

Mobile App & Phone Verification

Mobile app ready. Each phone number has to go thru verification process once to make sure is legitimate user.

Social Media URL Sharing

Social media widget is enabled in the app, member can easily share to the favourable social media platform to help member recruitment

Reward Automation

Once the referral reward scheme is setup, the referral program is in autopilot mode.

Unlocked Your Referral Potential

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